The Solstice Savory Pies Story

The story of Solstice Savory Pies, where the love, for food, travel, and entrepreneurship come together to create premium flavored, premium ingredients, and we’re hoping, a premium experience around the dinner table. 

Solstice Savory Pies was founded by Marnie Coots, a native of California who has had a journey in the world of pies and culinary arts.

Early Beginnings

Marnie Coots embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with a blend of experiences. In the 1990s she pursued a career as a corporate massage therapist. However, her true passion was just waiting to be discovered. In 1998 Marnie joined forces with partners to create their pie venture. The Z Pie Company. The doors of their Z Pie store opened in Placerville, California marking the beginning of their culinary adventure. To ensure top notch quality in their pies from the start they collaborated with a chef who crafted the first three exceptional recipes that set the standard for excellence. A standard that would become synonymous with Solstice Savory Pies.
Marnie with chalkboard sign of available pot pies at a farmer's market in the 1990s

A Decade of Growth

Over the following ten years, Marnie and her partners embarked on a plan to expand Z Pie. They successfully established two more Z Pie locations, in Auburn and San Luis Obispo. Their commitment, to handcrafting high-quality pies was genuinely unparalleled. Their business expertise led them to develop and launch a franchise business model. Z Pie gained popularity as their pies made their way into gourmet grocery stores all across Northern California, even earning national recognition through Harry & David and their storefronts, Fast Company, and Mercedes Benz ads. This strategic expansion resulted in a surge in sales with an annual turnover of 100,000 units.
Z Pie Restaurant in the 1990s

A New Chapter

In 2012 Marnie Coots made the decision to step back from Z Pie in order to focus on raising her son Zak and pursuing education. During this period of growth and introspection, her love for travel and food resurfaced, with a deep fascination for the rich culinary cultures of Italy and France.

The Rise of Solstice Savory Pies

Then came an unexpected turn of events—the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic presented Marnie with an opportunity. With some time on her hands, she reignited her passion for creating and cooking by making pies for her family. Word quickly spread through media channels leading to an influx of 500 orders, within just a few days. This overwhelming response served as proof that her concept was viable and fueled her determination to reenter the pie industry. Solstice Savory Pies came into existence when Marnie, along with her husband Patrick and an equity partner Tamara, decided to venture into a new endeavor of creating Gourmet pies on a much larger scale. To meet the increasing demand they rented a kitchen and made a few batches for folks still wanting pies. They knew they needed a larger artisanal kitchen to get pies to everyone who loved them. Set forth on their mission, In 2022 Solstice Savory Pies was born with an objective—to share their love for savory pies made from the finest organic, free range and fresh ingredients on a national scale.

The Equinox

On the Fall Equinox of 2023, Solstice Savory Pies makes its entrance by offering four mouthwatering flavors that would please taste buds everywhere. These delectable pies can be found at are a reflection of Marnies dedication to quality and her passion for creating exceptional culinary experiences. Come join us on this journey as Solstice Savory Pies continuously evolves to bring joy to food enthusiasts, across the nation—one delicious pie at a time. Get ready to experience the essence of travel, passion and culinary artistry through the offerings of Solstice Savory Pies.
Marnie Coots smiling  in kitchen