Solstice Savory Pies Ethical Commitments

At Solstice Savory Pies, our ethos transcends mere words—it's our daily commitment in action for our family and yours.

Our goal is to create pies that not satisfy your taste buds but also demonstrate our dedication to sustainability and integrity. Each ingredient and item we use in our pies and their transportation reflects our belief, in sourcing and environmental stewardship. We are committed to being a company that actively practices what we advocate for when it comes to sustainability ensuring that every stage, from sourcing ingredients to delivering the pies aligns with our standards. By doing we aspire not to talk about making a difference but also to be the catalyst for change, in the world.

Each pie is not only delicious, but a testament to ethically chosen ingredients: unbleached and unbromated flour in our pastry, organic chicken, grass-fed beef, and fresh organic vegetables from Deep Root Organic Co-op. Even our shipping speaks of our dedication, with PET thermal containers and FSC-certified materials. Here, every detail matters. 


Our standards:

Why Unbleached and Unbromated flour?

Unbleached flour avoids the use of chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide or chlorine gas that can leave trace residues, and unbromated flour doesn't contain potassium bromate, which the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies as a potential human carcinogen. From an environmental perspective, eliminating these chemicals reduces potential ecosystem contamination and supports more sustainable farming practices, making unbleached and unbromated flours better choices for both human health and the Earth.

Why Grass Fed beef?

Choosing grass fed beef In terms of nutrition it typically provides a balance of omega 3, to omega 6 fatty acids, levels of essential vitamins like vitamin E and beta carotene and an increased amount of conjugated linoleic acid that may have positive effects on health. From an animal welfare standpoint grass fed cattle often graze in environments reducing stress and aligning with their natural dietary and behavioral needs. Additionally grass fed practices can have impacts by supporting soil carbon sequestration promoting biodiversity and reducing reliance on resource intensive feed crops. Furthermore conventional beef systems commonly use antibiotics and growth hormones addressing concerns about resistance and hormone residues. Grass fed beef is the better option for your body and the environment.

Why Organic Chicken?

Organic chicken standards ensure that antibiotics, growth hormones and modified organisms (GMOs) are not used in the feed given to the chickens. This addresses concerns about antibiotic bacteria and potential chemical residues in the meat. Moreover organic guidelines typically require that chickens have living conditions with access to the outdoors and no overcrowding. This not only improves the well being of the animals, but can also have an impact on the quality and flavor of the meat. Additionally by prohibiting herbicides and pesticides in chicken feed it helps reduce environmental harm. All these factors make organic chicken a comprehensive choice for consumers.


Why Nitrate Free and Sustainably Raised Pork?

The choice for Nitrate-Free and Sustainably Raised Pork: At the heart of our decision to use pork free from nitrates and raised sustainably lies a profound commitment to health and environmental stewardship. Nitrates, often employed as preservatives in various foods, have been associated with health risks, including some cancers. Our emphasis on nitrate-free pork means that our consumers are introduced to a cleaner, more natural product.

Furthermore, our pivot towards sustainably raised pork underscores our deep-rooted respect for ethical farming. Under such practices, pigs thrive in enhanced living conditions, are less reliant on antibiotics, and are nourished with a diet that mirrors their natural predilections. This approach not only champions animal welfare but also paves the way for an environmentally-conscious footprint, ensuring our planet's well-being for the generations to come. In melding these principles, we're crafting a brighter future for you, your loved ones, and our shared home - the Earth.

Why Organic Vegetables?

When we make our pies we intentionally opt for organic vegetables over conventional ones. This decision is driven by our commitment, to providing products that prioritize both health and environmental sustainability. Organic vegetables are grown without pesticides, herbicides or GMOs which means our pies are free from any chemical residues that can come with conventionally grown produce. Apart from health considerations our choice also reflects our support for organic farming practices that are more environmentally friendly. These practices help maintain soil health, reduce water contamination and promote biodiversity. By choosing organic vegetables we ensure that our pies not taste amazing but also embody our dedication to the well being of our customers and the planet.

Partnering with the oldest Organic Vegetable Co-op in the US

Partnering with  Deep Root Organic Co-op based in Vermont for our vegetable supply is an aspect of our dedication to quality, sustainability and supporting small farmers. Deep Roots has a history of advocating for organic farming methods that prioritize both the well being of the environment and consumers. By obtaining our vegetables from Deep Root Organic Co-op with values and exceptional heritage that our products contain the freshest and most nutrient rich ingredients, we also align ourselves with a longstanding commitment to ethical and sustainable agriculture. This collaboration highlights our belief in the significance of community, tradition and upholding the standards of organic farming practices. We believe in their mission to grow a cooperative economy and feed people with healthy and clean organic veggies. Check them out at

PET Recycled Thermal Shipping Box 

At Solstice Savory Pies, we are deeply committed to delivering our delicious pies in an environmentally responsible way. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, we are excited to share with you our innovative packaging solutions.
During the cooler winter and spring months, we use our PET Thermal Shipping Box and Insulator. This state-of-the-art packaging is made entirely from recycled PET plastic water bottles, showcasing our dedication to repurposing materials and reducing waste. It's designed not only to keep your pies perfectly frozen during transit but also to minimize our environmental footprint.
As the seasons change and the weather warms, we transition to our unique thermal packaging made from recycled denim. This material is particularly effective in maintaining the frozen state of your pies even in warmer temperatures, ensuring that they arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition.


.FSC Paper Pie Boxes

At Solstice Savory Pies, even our packaging reflects our dedication to the environment. Each box that snugly holds our individual pies is not just a container but a representation of our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Thoughtfully crafted from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, these boxes stand as a beacon of responsible forest management and conservation. Amplifying our eco-friendly approach, the production process harnesses the strength of wind power, a green and renewable energy alternative, thereby significantly diminishing our carbon footprint. It's worth highlighting the defining attributes of our pie boxes: they're made from eco-conscious, FSC-certified paper, champion the use of wind power to lessen dependency on fossil fuels, and are explicitly designed for easy recycling, promoting a more sustainable, circular economy.