Three savory pies on a table with glass of wine

Solstice Savory Pies

The Pot Pie Elevated. The Gourmet Pot Pie that Transforms Family Meals into Fine Dining Delights for All Ages!

European flavors, local love. Solstice Savory Pies is a fusion of wanderlust, inspirations and gourmet delight

With every bite of a Solstice Savory Pie, you'll experience Marnie's passion for creating food that not only satisfies your taste buds but also warms your heart. Whether it's a family gathering or a solo indulgence, Marnie's pies are a testament to her belief that sharing good food is a celebration of life itself.

Dough and rolling pin

All-Butter Puff Pastry — Pâte Feuilletée


Organic and Grass-fed Ingredients

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Artisanal Small-Batch Crafted

Culinary Journey of Discovery: Embrace the Flavors of the World in Every Solstice Pie

Marnie's vision for Solstice Savory Pies is simple yet profound – to craft delectable pot pies that embody the spirit of homemade goodness. Each pie is a unique masterpiece, carefully prepared with the finest ethically and organic, grass fed and nitrate free sourced meats and organic produce, resulting in a taste that's both comforting and adventurous.

Discover the Solstice Story

Three cooked puff pastry pot pies

Taste them all!

Four Handcrafted Flavors

Decadence Defined: Elevate Your Senses with All-Butter French Puff Pastry and Pâte Brisée - No Oils, Just Irresistible Indulgence.

See the Pies

Dude! That Steak Pie!! So freakin good


Looking forward to Fall, just because of your pies!


Had the Chicken pot pie tonight. OMG, they were incredible. Can we order some more??


This crust is amazing!

Edd and Jennifer

The Tuscan was DELICIOUS


The best savory pie we've ever had!! YUM!! So Good!!

Victoria R.

The pies are out of this freaking world!

Pragati M.

The Italian pie was so amazing! SOO Good!!!!

Jenn L.

We love these Solstice Savory Pies in Porcini Risotto!!

Stacy C.