Cooked pot pie on a plate held in hands. Cooked pot pie on a plate held in hands.

Savory Pot Pies

Where Ethics Meet Culinary Artistry: Savor the Harmony of Ethical Sourcing and French Pastry Perfection in Our Delectable Pies.

From Farm to Table, With Love: Marnie's Culinary Adventure in Every Savory Pot pie

With every bite of a Solstice Savory Pie, you'll experience Marnie's passion for creating food that not only satisfies your taste buds but also warms your heart. Whether it's a family gathering or a solo indulgence, Marnie's pies are a testament to her belief that sharing good food is a celebration of life itself.

Pastry dough folded in hands

French Puff Pastry Top

Known as "pâte feuilletée" in French, is a delicate and flaky pastry made through a labor-intensive process of rolling and folding layers of butter into the dough. This meticulous technique creates hundreds of thin layers, resulting in a pastry that puffs up dramatically during baking. The process requires skill and patience, but the end result is a light, airy, and buttery pastry that is perfect for both sweet and savory creations.

Fresh chopped vegetables in pot being stirred

Quality Above All

Artisianally crafted in small batches, we are passionate about the quality of our ingredients. From ethically and organic, grass fed and sulfate free raised meats to carefully selected organic produce, we strive to source only the finest ingredients to make sure every bite is a delightful experience.

Cooked pot pies getting pulled from the oven

Premium Handcrafted Pie to Your Table in One Hour

Adults and children can all agree that a tremendous savory pie is a treat. Just pop the pot pies into the oven from the freezer and a delicious treat will grace your table in an hour. It's the easy button but with premium ingredients and flavor.

Our Gourmet Savory Pot Pies Inspired by the Flavors of Europe

Choose any mix of your favorite savory pot pies in Four Packs, Six Packs, and Twelve Packs. Or have them local delivered to your home in the Sacramento area.

Provençale Chicken Savory Pot Pie

Whisk your senses to Provence: embark on a culinary adventure with Herbs de Provence, French white wine, tender organic chicken breast, cream, organic veggies and topped with an all butter French pâte feuilletée (puff pastry) top and pâte brisée bottom.

In the sun-drenched fields of Provence, where the air is perfumed with rosemary and lavender, I found the inspiration for our Provençale Chicken Pie. My heart has always swayed to the rhythms of French cuisine, particularly the rich and aromatic flavors of the south, where herbs de Provence, butter, cream, and succulent chicken merge in culinary harmony. Every bite of this pie is an ode to the authentic and unpretentious dishes of Provence, which resonated deeply with my own memories of growing up amidst the rustic beauty of Northern California's foothills. Our pie's crowning glory, the delicate all-butter pâte feuilletée, pays homage to France, the very birthplace of this golden, flaky perfection. Each bite serves not just a meal, but a story; a journey from the cozy corners of California to the heart of French gastronomy.

Steaming Italian pot pie with a fork on a plate

Tuscan Italian Sausage Savory Pot Pie

Taste the flavors of Tuscany! Savor the richness of sulfate free and humanely raised Italian sausage, organic Italian tomatoes, organic sweet bell peppers, organic vegetables, Italian balsamic reduction and olive oil, mozzarella and topped in an all butter French Pâte Feuilletée (puff pastry) and Pâte Brisée bottom. A pot pie journey to Italy!

Tuscany's charm extends beyond its mesmerizing landscapes, reaching deep into its culinary soul, a legacy that inspired the creation of our Tuscan Italian Sausage pie. On a transformative journey through this captivating region, I was embraced by its culinary symphony. Central to this melody are the traditional ingredients of Tuscan sauce: ripe Italian tomatoes, aromatic herbs, carrots, celery, onions, and garlic, all sauteed to perfection in olive oil. These foundational flavors intertwine seamlessly with the sweetness of bell peppers and the assertive richness of Italian sausage. Yet, this pie transcends mere ingredients; it stands as a reverent ode to Italy's culinary tapestry and the spirited people who have woven it through the ages. Each taste offers you a passage to Tuscany's heart, evoking visions of verdant vineyards, majestic mountains, and the timeless whispers of a land steeped in tradition.

Steaming steak pot pie with a fork on a plate

Napa Steak Savory Pot Pie

Indulge in Savory Bliss: Napa Steak Pot Pie, where Napa Cabernet Meets grass-fed beef and farm-fresh organic vegetables and topped with an all butter French Pâte Feuilletée (puff pastry) top and Pâte Brisée bottom.

Born and raised in the Golden State, I've always been captivated by Napa Valley's spellbinding beauty — a place that transcends its picturesque charm to stand as a beacon of culinary innovation. The valley's rich aromas, reminiscent of aged wines and ancestral traditions, combined with the artistry of legendary Chef Thomas Keller and the French Laundry, drew me to the culinary depths of France and its iconic Beef Bordeaux. This confluence of inspirations led me to dream of a dish marrying Napa Valleys culinary brilliance with the refined essence of its wines. The Napa Steak Pie emerged, not just as a dish, but as an ode to my Californian roots, weaving the soul of Napa with the ageless finesse of French gastronomy.

Steaming mushroom pot pie with a fork on a plate

Porcini Portobello Truffle Risotto Savory Pot Pie

Elevate your palate: delight in the exquisite fusion of Porcini and organic Portobello mushrooms, organic white truffle oil, risotto, parmesan and topped with an all butter French pâte feuilletée (puff pastry) top and pâte brisée bottom.

Amid the rugged beauty of Tuscany, within the venerable walls of the millennia-old Castello Di Potentino, I chanced upon an authentic culinary treasure. In the castle's timeworn kitchen, fresh Porcinis lay, their profound aroma revealing tales of Tuscan forests, each one meticulously hand-harvested by a passionate local forager. Here, under the watchful eyes of Chef Pasquale, these Porcinis transformed. Married with the region's richest olive oil and the robust scent of garlic, they became an embodiment of Tuscan soul. One taste of this unpretentious yet captivating creation, and a spark ignited within me. From that profound moment of inspiration, my pie was conceived.


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Solstice Ethos

At Solstice, our beliefs are rooted in a deep commitment to creating delicious and gourmet savory pot pies  that nourishes both body and soul. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, guided by a set of principles that define who we are and what we stand for:

Conscious Creators

We believe in the power of food to bring joy and connection. Just like we care about what we feed our own family, we put the same love and dedication into every product we create, ensuring that it's nothing less than exceptional.

Quality Above All

We are passionate about the quality of our ingredients. From ethically raised meats to carefully selected organic produce, we strive to source only the finest ingredients to make sure every bite is a delightful experience.

Sustainability Matters

We are mindful of our impact on the planet and the communities we serve. Embracing our responsibility, we opt for low-impact packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly, reducing our carbon footprint.

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