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The world is a mosaic of flavors, stories, and cultures, and at the heart of it is our shared love for food. Every bite has the power to evoke memories, transport us to distant places, and awaken our senses to the world's diverse palette. It's this ethos that spurred Marnie to embark on a journey—a quest to explore the globe, soak in its myriad cultures, and unearth culinary treasures that inspired our very essence at Solstice Savory Pies.

From the sun-drenched valleys of Napa to the rustic charm of Tuscany; from the aromatic allure of Provence to the earthy richness of Porcini-laden forests, every pie we craft is a testament to Marnie's travels, tales, and culinary adventures. Imagine indulging in the decadence of Porcini and Portobello truffle risotto pie or savoring the robust flavors of our Napa Steak pie. Each creation is ensconced in a French tradition—a golden all-butter puff pastry atop and a delicately crisp pâte brisée beneath. Together, they form not just a pie, but a passage to the world's most enchanting destinations. With Equinox, we invite you on this tantalizing journey with us. Dive deep into the stories behind each flavor, experience the landscapes, and meet the remarkable people who have breathed life into Marnie's inspirations. Welcome to a world of exquisite savory delights. Your adventure with Solstice Savory Pies begins now.

lady sitting at cafe in hilltop village in italy

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